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In addition to in-person teaching, Esko Ronimus has a Patreon channel for learning Bolognese fencing online. The content is aimed for everyone who are interested in learning Bolognese fencing according to the sources in a methodological manner, using Esko’s teaching methods. The content begins from the very basic building blocks that will teach a beginner the essentials to historical fencing, and proceeds step by step to more dynamic and realistic exercises, so that the goal is to learn a functional and historical fencing skill.

Esko is currently teaching clubs through Patreon both in Finland and abroad, as well as a number of individual students. There are several possibilities for subscriptions levels available of which all have access to all content, and a reduced price subscription option for the students of Tampere School of Arms. The higher subscription levels provide the patrons options for personal feedback, personal training programs both for individuals and groups, and personalized content according to the patron’s needs.

Material is added and updated on monthly basis. There is a lot of content for free of charge as well so you can try it out before subscribing to the channel – or you can just use it for the free material provided!

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All of Esko’s Patreon material comes from a single source that is his teacher Ken Harding of St. Louis School of Arms. The content provided in Esko’s Patreon channel does not offer interpretations of the Bolognese fencing sources per se, but how to train according to the material from the sources as interpreted by his teacher. Everyone who are interested in the interpretations of the sources should visit St. Louis School of Arms Patreon Page, which is the world’s largest Bolognese martial arts library.