The Tampere School of Arms regularly organizes seminars on various aspects of the Bolognese tradition of combat. The seminars typically deal with either different aspects of fighting, such as bodywork, footwork and free fencing, or the use of different weapons or combinations of weapons in accordance with the teachings of the Bolognese martial arts tradition.

The seminars are typically open to everyone and you can participate in them without any previous sports or martial arts background or fitness requirements. All seminar participants are taught according to their own level. Loan equipment for practice is also available to seminar participants. Seminars normally last three to five hours, including breaks. The seminars are intended as learning and training events, with the help of which the participants can develop their skills and understanding in the historical struggle.

Tampere School of Arms organizes seminars at a steady pace in Tampere, but seminars are currently also held regularly in Pori and other cities in Finland. The head teacher of the school, Esko Ronimus, also regularly holds seminars abroad such as Spain and France, and later this year in Mexico. In addition, seminars are held regularly at all levels for other clubs and associations of historical martial arts and other martial arts as well as for other groups, such as various children and youth groups and workplace groups.