Beginner course with the two-handed sword

The beginner course introduces its participants to how historical fencing (Historical European Martial Arts; HEMA) is practiced according to the Bolognese tradition and how it is practiced in Tampere School of Arms. The course teaches the basics of fencing with two-handed sword (it. spada a due mani) both alone and with a partner. The course functions both as an independent introduction to historical fencing and a beginner course for those who want to continue training in Tampere School of Arms.

The Italian, Bolognese tradition two-handed sword (it. spada a due mani) is at least as long as the armpit and as long as the nose, when the swords stands on the ground; two-handed swords are typically around 150-160cm long and weight around 1,8-2kg.

Participating in the course does not require any previous sport or martial art background or your own fencing gear. Outdoors sports clothing and light gloves will be sufficient as for the equipment. 

The age limit for the course is 16 years.

The course starts on 23.5.2024 and ends on 25.7.2024 and consists of 10 training sessions. The training sessions will be held on Thursdays 17-1830 in Väinö Linnan puisto.

The price of the course is 120€ and includes the borrowed weapons for training. Payment can be made by bank transfer, mobilepay or vouchers (ePassi, Edenred and Smartum). Course participants will be sent payment information upon registration and the course must be paid a week for before it begins, unless otherwise agreed.

The teacher of the course is Esko Ronimus, who teaches martial arts for his profession and is the main instructor of Tampere School of Arms club.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact using one of the following methods:

-phone/Whatsapp: 045 859 2827
-Facebook: Esko Ronimus – traditional & historical martial arts instructor