Weekly Program






The weekly program for adults includes four normal training sessions and two small group training sessions. The club’s weekly training sessions include two-handed sword, one-handed sword, and combination of one-handed sword and dagger; the weekly small group sessions include combinations of one-handed sword and rotella and fencing with two swords.

In the children’s classes, fencing with a two-handed sword is practiced once a week. Training takes place with soft swords intended for children’s training.

Weekly classes for adults are intended for sixteen years of age or older members. You can only participate in the club’s weekly adult training sessions after learning the basics of training in the beginner course. You can also learn the basics through private classes, alone or in a group or in seminars intended for them. There are no other requirements for starting the training – for example, you should not worry about your own fitness, because the training starts with a low intensity, which is increased gradually according to the student’s skills. In the exercises, you are also never forced to do anything you don’t want to do, and all practitioners are allowed to practice according to their own level.

The weekly classes consist of one-and-a-half or two hour training sessions, where a specific theme is always practiced – which is usually a weapon or a combination of weapons. Wednesday’s one-handed sword training session is intended for learning the basics and is aimed especially at those who have just started and those who have taken a beginner’s course – although it should be noted that the things learned in the class are essential for all those who want to learn the key aspects of Bolognese fencing.

However, after taking the beginner’s course, all members can attend all the weekly training sessions they want. Small group training sessions are also open to everyone, but they mostly train weapon combinations or themes that require knowledge of the basics.

There are no separate beginner courses for children’s weekly training sessions, but you can join them whenever you want, if there is room in the group.